We sailed all over the Caribbean looking for an Island to lay down roots. We found Stella Maris on Long Island and were hooked. As Columbus noted in his journal when he first anchored, “probably the most beautiful Island in the World.”

We discovered a wonderful community of Residents and local Bahamians that we grew to love. Come join us!
— Lisa & Randy Strunk
Your first Beverage Awaits

Your first Beverage Awaits

A "Rainbow" of the beautiful colors, places, and people of our Long Island in the South-Central Bahamas - courtesy of Susan Koster

On the 46th hour of a 48 hour house hunting trip I discovered “The White House”, fell in love and bought - it was a shell of a house! Not the beachfront I had initially thought of, but it was “ME” with my long dreamed of sunset view over the Caribbean coupled with the amazing facilities of Stella Maris.
— Emma McGrath

Courtesy Susan Koster