Solar Lighting Options by Renate Wilmanowicz

The below represent some ideas and concepts for solar lighting that Home Depot have that I have been looking into. While these examples are from Home Depot, Lowe's, ACE Hardware and many other hardware and lighting stores stock and supply similar products. From landscape lighting through to full emergency electrical solar panels, this is a topic that many of us muse on. Have you bought any of these? If so, add your thoughts, feedback and comments!

House, illumination etc. solar panels 
We were looking at a complete solar panel kit for USD1500.- + shipping, customs etc. The one below was with 400 Watts and could be used as an emergency kit for many items including small electronics - 

There are smaller versions with 300 and 200 watts available and of course there are also much larger systems (but in the range of USD12k): 
……..however before gulping too much - at 12k this would be good for almost a whole house with round 3000 Watts! Note the above are all still without batteries so one may have to get some proper batteries for storage.

Light ropes are also available: 
These are exterior use, charging lithium battery, 8 hours light, 16 feet long, cable short. Around USD30 but great for simple path lighting or accents: 

Post light examples: 
To be mounted on posts, here is one example:

A smaller version also white - 

and here the overview of many good looking post lights: • •

Personal Question: Can one switch them off ? Or do they illuminate all night long ? Obviously not so good near a bedroom if on all night!

Where would a post light be without the post? Vinyl, climate resistant, white, round USD90, approx 1.80 m = 72 inches high. Any light can be mounted on it with a standard of three inch mounting collar.  
…….and another post with light (solar) included, supposed to be very resistant, several inches higher, black, and about USD130: •

Variations on outdoor lights: 
More interesting outdoor lights, and also stainless steel lights for stairs, steps etc. similar to the one we bought here.  

NOTE & DISCLAIMER: I got these all from the web page in Spring Hill Home Depot and prices will vary based on location but there may be more available from your own Home Depot and do remember that supplies vary by state!